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The Next-Generation Workspace: Removing Barriers and Frustration

As organizations change and evolve, it is clear that legacy workspaces lack all the necessary functionality to support the modern organization. Employees saddled with those legacy systems are frustrated by barriers to productivity and daily complexities that waste their time. Management wants a new platform that enables agility and removes technology limitations. The HR team wants a digital workspace that creates an advantage for hiring and retaining human capital. And finally, the CIO and IT team want to eliminate complexity, security vulnerabilities, and constant manual intervention.

Because it meets all those demands, Citrix Workspace is becoming the go-to solution for a next-generation digital workspace. It is a unified, secure, and intelligent platform that provides a vastly better employee experience. With its increased levels of automation, it delivers more productivity and removes many daily frustrations.

3 Critical Capabilities Define the Modern Digital Workspace
For organizations evaluating an upgrade to the legacy workspace, the chosen technology must deliver three key benefits:

  • An improved employee experience
  • Enhanced security
  • Substantial productivity gains

The specific requirements for each of these are detailed below.

An improved employee experience
One of the most important changes seen as organizations become digital businesses is the outsized impact that the digital workspace has on the employee experience. In some cases, prospective employees will choose an employer based on the quality of the organization’s digital tools. They correctly understand that a best-in-class digital workspace is essential to their success. Modern platforms use intelligence to reduce complexity and automate tasks. The digital workspace also enhances the employee experience by making collaboration more natural, allowing teams to use the tools of their choice.

HR and the chief people officer (CPO) are pushing hard for improved digital workspaces that deliver a selling point for prospective employees and provide differentiation from competing firms. Eliminating digital misery is a strong inducement. In addition, HR teams want next-generation digital workspaces that simplify onboarding and drive initial productivity. This also improves the employee experience.

Enhanced Security
Cybersecurity is a critical issue for all firms. Attackers continue to focus on employees as the weak link, with phishing, drive-by, ransomware, credential theft, and impersonation attacks. Businesses need a secure digital workspace to protect them. A modern digital workspace that proactively deploys comprehensive and integrated cybersecurity meets many demands from management, including reducing risk, meeting regulatory and compliance regimes, providing the ability to document security policies in place, and preventing embarrassing headlines.

CIOs, SecOps, and the IT team in general all want a modern digital workspace that providers better cyberdefense. An updated platform supports security by design, not by chance. Rather than the mere hope that the latest point product will protect the firm, the platform supports holistic security at scale, integrating many types of cyberdefenses. The platform eliminates constant intervention by the SecOps team or security engineers. Native security integration makes staying secure much simpler.

5 reasons your organization needs Citrix Workspace

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Substantial Productivity Gains
Although many legacy workspace platforms offered productivity gains, employees, management and IT all want more. Productivity improvements are tied to better financial results and winning in the marketplace. And employees also want improved productivity. With a modern digital workspace, employees can use the tools that they find most effective. And new platforms that leverage AI, such as the Citrix Workspace, are able to proactively simplify the provision of critical information and data that drives productivity.

Management teams demand productivity improvements that optimize human capital and deliver greater efficiency. In addition, as more companies create a digital workforce comprised of full-time employees, part-time employees, contractors, and temporary help, a digital workspace that delivers fast onboarding and easier access to tools and data makes a huge difference. Without this technology, organizations gain only limited benefits from a flexible workforce.

Beyond Today’s Limitations and Frustrations
It is time to upgrade digital workspaces to meet both current and future needs. New platforms deliver new capabilities, and next-generation solutions such as Citrix Workspace also eliminate many current problems. The entire organization wants to remove barriers to productivity and end employee frustration with limited, unresponsive, unintelligent, and insecure digital workspaces that limit the potential for success.

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