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Get to know the Windows upgrade paths for different OSes


Tips for upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10

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Windows 7 is entrenched in many organizations, but with its end-of-life date -- Jan. 14, 2020 -- looming, the time to move to Windows 10 is getting closer. By upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10, IT will get longer support life from Microsoft and continued feature and security updates.

IT should consider an in-place upgrade for its Windows upgrade from Windows 7. To properly run an in-place upgrade, IT must be sure that its users' desktops have the most recent patches and updates because the in-place Windows 7 upgrade paths won't function properly without them.

It is unlikely that IT will encounter hardware and app compatibility issues due to the similar hardware requirements, but IT pros should always run a test to ensure that they can fix any issues before the upgrade from Windows 7.

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