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Get to know the Windows upgrade paths for different OSes


Completing the Windows 8 upgrade to Windows 10

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Windows 8 may not have been the most popular OS, but it still has some presence in the enterprise.

The upgrade process for Windows 8 is similar to Windows 7. Naturally, IT will encounter fewer issues with compatibility and can consider an in-place Windows 8 upgrade to Windows 10.

Organizations embarking on the Windows upgrade path from Windows 8 must have installed the most recent Windows 8.1 updates to ensure a smooth transition. These updates contain important features and security measures that Windows 10 builds on during an in-place upgrade.

Before any OS upgrade, IT should also perform an application inventory and test all of the apps for Windows 10 compatibility. The Windows 8 upgrade to Windows 10 is no exception, and if IT identifies any problematic applications, it can seek an alternative app that has Windows 10 compatibility or virtualize the application. Removing an incompatible app ensures that other applications and files aren't damaged or corrupted during the transition.

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