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Five reasons Windows 10 adoption is worth considering


Universal Windows applications work across device types

Any app that developers build on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) works across any type of Windows 10 device. So users can download an app on a Windows smartphone and that same app works on a PC, laptop or even an Xbox. And admins only have to manage a single version of the app.

The app experience is not identical across devices because of variances in pixel density, screen resolution and more. To ensure the app experience is as consistent as possible across device types, UWP uses a scaling algorithm to adjust the app's displays, fonts, controls and more.

When a user launches an app, the OS determines how to render the app to fit the specific device and take advantage of its unique characteristics. For example, the app adjusts to a device with a touch screen versus a device without a touch screen. The UWP accomplishes this with universal controls and adaptive layout panels within the app. 

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