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HIE Announces Health IT Partnership to Drive EHR Interoperability

Atlanta-based HI-BRIDGE HIE will collaborate with health IT vendor Innovar to improve EHR interoperability and reporting capabilities.

HI-BRIDGE HIE has partnered with health IT vendor Innovar to improve EHR interoperability.

HI-BRIDGE HIE is an independent regional information exchange established through the National Center for Primary Care at Morehouse School of Medicine that connects to the Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN).

The new collaboration with Innovar aims to bolster project management, development, and reporting support for the cloud-based technology platform HI-BRIDGE HIE engages to power its network, NextGen Health Data Hub (HDH). HDH allows HIE administrators to create a rules-driven data exchange environment, promoting automated patient data sharing across the care continuum.

Innovar is set to support HI-BRIDGE HIE operations through enhanced EHR interoperability and reporting capabilities.

"We are excited to forge this partnership with HI-BRIDGE, offering our expertise in interoperability and HIE operations," Loyd Bittle, CEO of Innovar, said in a press release. "Our commitment is to deliver services that elevate the data exchange process."

"We eagerly anticipate supporting HI-BRIDGE in not only reaching their operational objectives but also in enhancing patient care across the Atlanta metropolitan area and the underserved regions throughout Georgia," Bittle continued. "As we begin this exciting journey with HI-BRIDGE, our collective aim is to establish them as the leading provider of HIE services across the state of Georgia."

"We are thrilled to partner with Innovar and bring their long-standing expertise in data interoperability to HI-BRIDGE HIE," said Carmen Hughes, HI-BRIDGE health IT director.

"With Innovar working side by side with our team, HI-BRIDGE will continue to bring advanced data exchange solutions to our members and launch the health information into new services and geographical areas aligned with our mission of advancing health equity through technology," Hughes added.

An additional project at HI-BRIDGE HIE launched in November 2022 focused on improving interoperability through admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) alerts. The product enhancement allows providers to receive real-time alerts through various delivery mechanisms, including direct messages, platform notifications, or custom integration via HL7 messaging.

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