The Sequoia Project Seeks Feedback on Draft TEFCA FHIR Implementation Guide

The Sequoia Project has published a draft facilitated FHIR implementation guide, which includes proposed technical and process requirements for TEFCA data exchange.

The Sequoia Project, selected by ONC as the Recognized Coordinating Entity (RCE) to support the implementation of the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA), has released the “Draft TEFCA Facilitated FHIR Implementation Guide” for stakeholder feedback.

The guide outlines policy, technical, and process requirements for Qualified Health Information Networks (QHINs), Participants, and Subparticipants to exchange TEFCA information using the HL7 FHIR standard.

“Since the inception of TEFCA, the health IT community has clamored for the inclusion of FHIR-based exchange,” Mariann Yeager, CEO of The Sequoia Project and RCE lead, said in a public statement. “Publishing this draft implementation guide for feedback is a critical step as we prepare to launch FHIR pilots later this year.”

Stakeholders are encouraged to review the draft document and send feedback via the RCE website through November 7th, 2022.

The RCE will consider all stakeholder feedback as it develops and publishes the final TEFCA Facilitated FHIR Implementation Guide Version 1.

On Tuesday, October 18th, at noon Eastern time, the RCE will host its monthly informational call to review today’s released document at a high level. Stakeholders will have an opportunity to submit questions. Registration for the event is open at

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