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CHIME Awards EHR Vendor MEDITECH Health IT Collaboration Award

A decades-long partnership between EHR vendor MEDITECH and HCA Healthcare has produced health IT innovations with industry-wide application.

The College of Information Management Executives (CHIME) has honored Jim Jirjis, chief health information officer of HCA Healthcare, and EHR vendor MEDITECH with the 2021 CHIME Collaboration Award for their health IT partnership.

CHIME gives the annual Collaboration Award to a CHIME Foundation firm and a CHIME-member CIO that work together to benefit the health IT community. The winners share their innovative collaboration and its outcomes with CHIME members for possible application in other healthcare settings.

“Dr. Jirjis and the team at MEDITECH have proven that quality of care advances rapidly when providers and their industry partners combine their expertise,” Shafiq Rab, MD, EVP, CHIME foundation board chair and chief digital officer for Wellforce noted in a press release.

“The depth of knowledge of these leaders, applied to the real-world environment of frontline healthcare, creates an ideal incubator for cutting-edge ideas,” Rab added.

The decades-long partnership between Jirjis and MEDITECH has produced innovations with industry-wide application, such as the INSPIRE Antimicrobial Stewardship Program which uses smart prompts and custom code to support medication recommendation accuracy for pneumonia patients.

“MEDITECH is a longtime partner of HCA Healthcare, and we are honored to be recognized by CHIME for our collaboration that has led to clinical advancements,” Jirjis said.

The EHR vendor-health system collaboration has also focused on COVID-19 mitigation efforts. In collaboration with MEDITECH’s cloud partner Google, HCA Healthcare developed the National Response Portal (NRP) to power data-driven COVID-19 insights from geographic metrics.

“We have high regard for the success of HCA Healthcare,” said Helen Waters, executive vice president of MEDITECH. “Throughout our multiple decades of partnership, they have proven you can be both focused on quality healthcare and fiscal responsibility while driving impactful innovation.”

“This award is an acknowledgment of our collaborative efforts leveraging the latest digital advancements and data analytics to improve clinical practices and deliver proven results,” she said. “HCA Healthcare has always been a visionary leader through their strong assessment of the market and experience working with all major EHR players.”

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