SysAid announces launch of new workflow tool, Workflow Designer

Workflow Designer uses a drag-and-drop process to make workflows easier to create with less training and can be crucial with the rise of employees working from home.

SysAid announced the launch of Workflow Designer this week, a tool that uses a drag-and-drop UI to make creating workflows easier.

The workflow tool is designed to be an easier option without any formal training or coding experience.

"By building the digital workflows, IT departments can create workflows very quickly and keep everyone in the loop. All those different stakeholders across those different departments, they're getting automatic notifications," said Doron Youngerwood, director of marketing at SysAid.

Youngerwood added that Workflow Designer also helps employees who are working from home, by making interdepartmental communication easier and faster when creating these workflows.

"[Managers are] getting automatic notifications. The HR manager is notified automatically. They're getting instant approval from those managers, whether they sit within the sales team or marketing team or finance team," Youngerwood said. "They're very quickly getting approvals and fulfilling those various steps in the workflow. So, when it comes to just increasing interdepartmental collaboration, having a digital workflow helps, especially in this time of home working."

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which is keeping users working from home, was also a crucial development in the release of the Workflow Designer.

"Especially now, when companies are battling with challenges with what they're dealing with today, of COVID-19, we are not in a position to charge anything," Youngerwood said. "We want to really help organizations, not just existing customers."

Shannon Kavlar, a research manager at IDC, said such tools help organizations prioritize workflows. "The societies we live in, how they communicate, has exceeded our ability as human beings to use basic process to understand that," he said. "There's just too much… [Workflows] takes the work, a body of work and give it to the person who is responsible for executing on it and then moving on to the next person and the next person and the next person, whether that person being human or a computer."

SysAid's workflow tool also works with its service orchestration engine, Automate Joe, which was launched last summer.

"Anything right now that can help IT administrators and IT departments free up a big chunk of their time is something that is very relevant," Youngerwood said. "Automation basically takes that time away and it means that they can spend that time on other more complex or more time-pressing tasks. When you take the workflow designer and you feed in Automate Joe, Automate Joe can automate part of that workflow."

Workflow Designer is available now with no additional cost to customers already using SysAid software.

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