SysAid launches Automate Joe for ITSM platform automation

Integrating Automate Joe with the SysAid ITSM platform will boost automation, minimize repetitive tasks for service agents and improve productivity, according to the vendor.

SysAid Technologies Ltd. launched service orchestration engine Automate Joe to automate manual, repetitive tasks and create more time for service agents to focus on more valuable projects, according to the vendor.

SysAid, an IT service management (ITSM) vendor, claims that Automate Joe will free service desk agents from tasks such as employee onboarding, software deployment, Active Directory modifications and VM provisioning, intending to improve productivity, processes and ticket resolution times.

CA Automic Service Orchestration powers Automate Joe to orchestrate delivery across business, application and infrastructure layers. According to SysAid, most automation tools are siloed, and a challenge in automation is integrating ITSM platforms and other IT tools. Automate Joe is built into the SysAid ITSM platform and orchestrates all tasks from a single point of control.

Automate Joe is capable of automating the following processes:

  • employee onboard and offboard steps in Microsoft Windows Active Directory and Azure Directory
  • provision and deprovision of VMware VMs
  • mail system workflow for Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager server software deployment
  • SHH file transfer protocol file transfers

Gartner's 2019 predictions for IT automation show that by 2023, 40% of infrastructure and operations teams will use AI-augmented automation to improve IT productivity with greater agility and scalability. However, automation may backfire for IT specialist roles; Gartner also predicted by that time, the need for IT personnel will decrease by 20% as a result of automation.

Additionally, AI-powered ITSM platforms require careful planning and consideration for implementation. IT teams must ensure existing ITSM processes deliver expected results, define and review the data strategy that feeds the AI, and ensure the team has a knowledge base to implement and manage AI-enabled tools.

SysAid's ITSM platform had preexisting AI and automation processes prior to Automate Joe, like chatbots and machine learning. The addition of Automate Joe intends to boost the vendor's level of automation to reduce unnecessary IT work and is currently integrated with SysAid's ITSM platform and offered as an automation-as-a-service for an additional fee. SysAid starts at $3,000.

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