Buyer's Handbook: Buy the best enterprise smartphones and tablets for your business Article 1 of 4

As enterprise mobile devices boom know the risks and rewards

Mobile devices are more ubiquitous today than ever, and their presence in the enterprise is becoming more vital. Enterprise smartphones and tablets for businesses provide innumerable benefits to workers, and these benefits will continue to broaden with time as both the market and technology evolve.

Granted, mobile devices also offer challenges if they are not implemented properly. Enterprise mobile devices can open the organization up to security risks if users visit malicious websites and open spam emails. Using enterprise mobile devices on unsecured Wi-Fi networks can also make sensitive corporate information vulnerable to hackers and cybercriminals.

This buyer's guide provides valuable insight into how buyers can select the best enterprise smartphones and tablets for their workers. Since the options are so extensive, buyers must have a way to both establish their criteria and then streamline their options. A tablet's size makes it easier to perform more complex work, but smaller smartphones are more portable.

Buyers should also consider usability, management and security features, as compromised data is one of the biggest risks that comes with mobile device implementation. Finally, this guide includes in-depth descriptions of the top vendors who offer both tablets and smartphones and a rundown of their current products.

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