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Mobile network management applications offer monitoring on the go


Mobile network management apps: Monitoring on the go

Like everyone else in the enterprise, network managers want access to their core applications on tablets and mobile devices -- and that means mobile network management applications must evolve.  So, many vendors are developing Android network monitoring and iPhone or iPad network monitoring apps.

These mobile network management applications may not offer all the features of traditional monitoring appliances, but they get pretty advanced with features such as automated discovery, alert systems, network map information and policy management from the palm of a network admin’s hand.

“Mobile network management applications are becoming very common and make perfect sense from the standpoint of most professionals these days have some sort of smartphone,” said Jim Frey, research director for Enterprise Management Associates.

“The old approach of monitoring a network was from a network operation center where you have a bunch of screens on the wall, and you had a bunch of people watching them is passing,” Frey said.

Moving to mobile network management tools is a positive yet subtle change for network admins, according to Frey. “Engineers will be more efficient, effective and responsive. This is one step on a continuous and natural path because more and more people spend their time looking at an iOS or Android screen. They’re everywhere,” Frey said.

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