John Webb: Why the new PeopleSoft applications are big news

SearchOracle's Lena Weiner-Bishop got a chance to catch up with John Webb, vice president of PeopleSoft product strategy at Oracle, at Collaborate 2013 in Denver. Watch this video to find out what she learned.

John Webb manages the strategic direction of Oracle's PeopleSoft applications, including PeopleSoft Human Capital Management and PeopleSoft ERP products. He had some great insight into the importance of PeopleSoft's new in-memory applications. "What we're talking about is a new set of applications that our users can use to complement their existing financials, projects and HCM applications," Webb said of the new PeopleSoft applications.

"What's different about these applications is that we've engineered them from scratch based on our Exadata, Exalogic and Exalytics platform, so we're taking advantage of some very unique technologies that Oracle has, not just from a middleware database perspective, but from a hardware perspective."

Webb also discusses use cases where the new PeopleSoft 9.2 applications would come in handy. "Probably the most common use case is around self-service. … We've really designed our solutions in 9.2 around areas like HCM … The focus for us is for a casual user not to have to be trained. We want them to be able to log in to their system, whether it's on a mobile device, on a tablet or a phone or a desktop, and to have a user experience that is immediately familiar to them, even if they're seeing PeopleSoft for the first time. So, we spent a lot of time in our user experience lab, making sure that we sort of pass the test of that neophyte user coming in that's never seen PeopleSoft before; so, literally take people that have zero experience and test out a transaction and see how far they can get." Webb goes on to discuss the importance of usability and navigability, in addition to other topics.

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