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Handling database migrations, such as upgrading to Oracle 12c

IOUG President Michelle Malcher talks about database migrations, from finding downtime to test and upgrade, to maintaining patch sets after go-live.

Oracle Database 12c has been generally available for about nine months now, with interest and adoption increasing, according to Independent Oracle Users Group President Michelle Malcher.

Michelle MalcherMichelle Malcher

Malcher talks in this SearchOracle podcast about some of the decision making that goes into database migrations and upgrading to Oracle Database 12c, from business and technical drivers to ongoing maintenance once the upgrade is complete.

One of the most touted features of Oracle Database 12c has been Multitenant, formerly called Pluggable Database. While that is interesting to many potential users, Malcher talks about some of the other features she and co-workers are exploring at DRW Holdings, a Chicago-based trading organization where she is the database administrator team lead.

"We are also planning upgrades for 12c for security reasons, as well as for some database development features that we'll be able to use," she said. "We were lucky enough to be part of the beta, so we've been planning a few things at a time to see what other new features we can use."

In terms of uptake for database migrations, Malcher said there is usually a "huge uptick" when the first patch set comes out, while others wait for version 2 to come out before upgrading. She added that "each cycle we've seen, even going from 10g to 11g, there has been less and less time" before end users decide to upgrade.

Business and technical challenges exist, however. Malcher said one is being able to simply find time to do testing and finding the downtime to do the database migration. The maintenance window can get harder and harder with today's 24/7 environment.

Listen to this SearchOracle podcast for more.

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