Black Hat USA 2019

Latest news from the Black Hat 2019 conference

Last updated:August 2019

Editor's note

Black Hat 2019 took the stage in Las Vegas Aug. 3 to 8. We were there from day one, starting with the opening keynote speech by Dino Dai Zovi of Square.

This guide is a collection of all our news reporting from this key information security conference. Read on to learn what transpired, including reporting on new attack methods and critical vulnerabilities discovered in voting machines, aircraft, social media and more.

1Emerging vulnerabilities

Speakers and attendees at Black Hat 2019 focused on what new vulnerabilities emerged since the last gathering and what the future might hold.

2New attack methods -- and responses

Black Hat 2019 presenters delivered essential insights and updates on where cybersecurity efforts need to prepare. Hackers are going to hack -- but informed defenders can be ready by staying informed on what's ahead and how to best prepare.

3Black Hat 2019 and pre-conference coverage

In her 2018 keynote, Google's Parisa Tabriz challenged cybersecurity leaders to take particular steps to improve organizational defenses. Here's a gathering of highlights from the 2018 conference.

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