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7 security awareness statistics to keep you up at night

As if protecting corporate systems and data wasn't hard enough, beware of another potential foe: those well-meaning but woefully uninformed staff members.

Despite your best efforts, the infosec infrastructure fortress can easily become a house of cards. These security awareness statistics show how many users display a lack of cybersecurity awareness, jeopardizing your organization's defenses.

"The better informed that employees are about key issues, the more likely they are to be better able to defend against social engineering and other attacks. It's that simple," according to the "2020 State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report" by Osterman Research and MediaPRO. "Many organizations are putting themselves at risk from potentially devastating incidents by ignoring the benefits of security awareness training."

Check out these security awareness statistics to learn more about the current state of IT security awareness among average users and what risks they might be exposing your organization to as a result. Don't let one user's clicking on a malicious link or opening a booby-trapped attachment derail your cybersecurity program!

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This was first published in August 2020

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