Netskope announces enterprise application security platform

Netskope for Private Access is a cloud-based platform that secures private enterprise applications on public clouds and in on-premises data centers using zero-trust access.

Netskope announced Netskope for Private Access -- a cloud-based service that provides secure access to private enterprise applications.

Netskope for Private Access works with both the public cloud and the data center, and reduces risk by providing zero-trust application access rather than network access. It is a component of the Netskope platform, which enables secure access to SaaS, IaaS, web and private applications and data in hybrid IT environments, while reducing risk and simplifying security operations.

Netskope for Private Access provides secure access to applications in Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google public clouds, as well as on-premises data centers. According to Netskope, it also helps enterprises comply with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS and GDPR.

Additionally, Private Access offers policy management, compliance assessment and integration with existing identity and access management, and security information and event management platforms. Netskope claims it also supports any application, any protocol and any device to enable business productivity, while simplifying SecOps. Netskope cloud access security broker, cloud security posture management and web security solutions provide extended protection.

Key features include:

  • Zero-trust access to corporate applications: Data and resources are protected with application-level access control based on user identity, group membership and device security posture.
  • Access to applications in multiple networks: Users can access private applications in the cloud and in the data center seamlessly, with less latency than routing traffic through the corporate network, according to Netskope.
  • Authorize before connecting: Admins can authenticate and authorize users and devices in the Netskope Cloud before connecting them to IT services.
  • Protect internal resources: Admins can block inbound access to physical or virtual networks and shield internal corporate resources from outside threats.
  • Supports any applications, any protocol and any device: Netskope claims it enables transparent, secure access to resources with browsers, apps or native clients on Windows, Mac and iOS.
  • Transparent user experience: Users are provided with simultaneous, secure access to enterprise private applications in public clouds, in SaaS environments and via the web.
  • No hardware, network changes: Private Access is a cloud-based platform that integrates with existing softwares.

Netskope for Private Access is now integrated into the Netskope Platform and is available in beta. It will be generally available later this year.

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