How do cloud deployment models affect IT operations?

Security plays a vital role in cloud operations. Test your knowledge of important concepts covered in Domain 5 of the CCSP exam, “Operations,” with this practice quiz.

From a security perspective, the cloud doesn't so much alter what you need to do but rather how you do it. Access to physical infrastructure and virtual resources still needs to be tightly controlled. Data still needs to be encrypted. Network connections still need to be securely configured and actively monitored. But compared to conventional on-premises infrastructure, cloud deployment models require a fundamentally different approach to IT operations.

When highly virtualized, shared resources can be migrated, spun up or shut down on a moment's notice, cloud security professionals must be aware that traditional methods for designing, operating and managing IT environments don't directly translate to the cloud. For instance, something as basic as virtual private network (VPN) tunnel will have unique operational requirements in cloud deployment models.

The following multiple-choice practice quiz will help you prepare for Domain 5 of the CCSP exam, "Operations," which assesses how well candidates understand the principles of securely designing, implementing, running and managing physical and logical infrastructure in cloud deployment models. This section of the exam -- the most expansive in terms of topics covered -- also tests candidates' knowledge of risk assessment, digital evidence collection and communication with stakeholders.

After completing this five-question practice quiz, you will be able to review your score and read additional information explaining the correct answers.

The following are exam practice questions from Domain 4 of The Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CCSP CBK, Second Edition, by Adam Gordon, CISSP-ISSAP, ISSMP, SSCP.

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