Test your knowledge of secure software architecture

Domain 4 of the CCSP exam covers the fundamentals of cloud application security. Take this practice quiz to see how well you've absorbed key concepts and vocabulary.

There are many opportunities for cloud application security to go sideways. From development to deployment and beyond, IT professionals need to know what practices support, reinforce and compromise secure software architecture in the cloud. 

If you're purchasing services from a public cloud provider, it can be tempting to think that this should all be under the purview of the vendor. That is one of the benefits of outsourcing to the cloud, isn't it? Not quite. You can't confidently confirm a provider's cloud services are secure without understanding yourself whether it has a secure software architecture. And in order to know whether that's the case, competence in topics ranging from secure APIs to threat models is essential to asking the right questions. Additionally, the more cloud providers you use, the more complex cloud application security becomes.

That means developers and information security professionals alike need to be invested in understanding how to ensure cloud applications are designed, tested and managed in a way that maximizes security and mitigates all possible risks. This means becoming familiar with the cloud software development lifecycle process, cloud software assurance and validation, cloud application architectures, use of verified secure software and the deployment of identity and access management (IAM) systems.

The following multiple-choice practice quiz will help you prepare for Domain 4 of the CCSP exam, "Cloud Application Security," which assesses candidates' knowledge of cloud development basics, common pitfalls and vulnerabilities, the secure development lifecycle, security testing, supply chain management, cloud-specific risks, secure software architecture and more. After completing the practice test, you will be able to review your score and read additional information explaining the correct answers.

The following are exam practice questions from Domain 4 of The Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CCSP CBK, Second Edition, by Adam Gordon, CISSP-ISSAP, ISSMP, SSCP.

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