Polarion Software offers compliance-focused ALM

Polarion Software is a browser-based, ALM platform that offers high traceability functions for enterprises with a regulation focus.

Polarion’s application lifecycle management (ALM) software is a browser-based platform. It supports Agile and Lean methodologies and others like Scrum and Kanban. Polarion Software works well for organizations of all sizes that are developing safety-critical or medical-related applications, due to its traceability feature. Polarion can be installed on Windows and Linux operating systems and runs in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (versions 9 through 11). It supports Java 7 and the latest release fully supports Java 8. Its core components are tailored for each stage of the development cycle.

Polarion Software offers out-of-the-box templates as well as customizable workflow configurations that can be modified based on users' specifications in order to accommodate multiple groups working together at varying stages. At any stage, Polarion's Import Wizard integrates Microsoft Word and Excel documents directly into the ALM UI for more immediate access to any notes and plans drafted independently or prior to the product’s adoption. LiveDoc allows teams to make and monitor documents in real time, and additional workflow tools like flowcharting, UML and BPMN can be modified within the same browser. With RoundTrip, teams can trace all changes to maintain visibility across groups. Other tracking and analytic features include the ability to automate series of changes, with audit trails to link work items. Polarion also integrates with other software such as HP Quality Center, Atlassian JIRA, MATLAB Simulink, and Sparx Enterprise Architect. Polarion's features provide proof of compliance with ISO standards, FDA, FAA, SPICE, SOX and CMMI regulations and many other regulatory authorities in the US and across Europe. FEMA risk assessment templates are included as well.

To preempt any issues with syncing as multiple users make changes, Polarion's document reuse features, like Variant Management with LiveBranch functionality, allow users to monitor and compare documents before finalizing edits and adjustments. Likewise, the Time Machine feature stores and categorizes changes and allows users to browse, search, and generate reports. Polarion's dashboards also record and categorize tasks and edits, with the ability to delegate tasks based on users' specifications. The Approval Center houses and logs pending and completed approvals; formal approvals can be made with electronic signatures to maintain security standards.

“To preempt any issues with syncing as multiple users make changes, Polarion's document reuse features, like Variant Management with LiveBranch functionality, allow users to monitor and compare documents before finalizing edits and adjustments

Through wikis, threaded discussions, polling, and alerts, users can communicate with one another in real time at every stage of development. Available directly for purchase from Polarion Software or authorized resellers, the software is available on-premises or Software as a Service (SaaS). On-premises customers make a one-time license payment with lifetime software ownership; the customer assumes responsibility for hosting parameters and customers' IT departments are responsible for availability, security, and performance tuning as well as updates. A named single user license is $2,490; a concurrent (floating) user license is $8,690. First year fees for software support and maintenance are mandatory, calculated as a percentage of the license fee.

SaaS customers can purchase an annual subscription that includes tech support and security. A named single user license for a fixed 12-month term is $1,788. Polarion Software requires a 10-user minimum for SaaS orders; user minimums can be met through combinations of Polarion products such Polarion Requirements or Polarion QA rather than ALM exclusively.

Support is available in three tiers: bronze, silver and gold. Bronze tier support provides one contact eligible to open support cases through Polarion's online Customer Service Portal. The bronze tier also includes installation, updates, and configuration; log analysis; full support for the bundled Apache Subversion repository; support for extensions such as Apache, LDAP, Lucene, Ant, and Maven, among others; enrollment in the Polarion Annual Early Access Program; access to the self-serve Knowledge Center; and clustering support. Priced at 20% of the product license cost, bronze support is available 9:00-5:00, Monday-Friday.

The silver tier includes all the features of bronze as well as an additional contact to open cases through phone and live chat support. Additional features include remote assistance; priority case handling; eligibility for Polarion Hosted Services; assigned technical account representative (for customers with a minimum $20,000 annual support subscription); free Web-based training; project-centric support; assistance with cluster setup and fine tuning; and API support. Priced at 30% of the product license cost, silver support is available 9:00-5:00, Monday-Friday.

The gold tier includes all the features of silver as well as five contacts to open cases through online and phone support. Additional features include performance tuning; regular maintenance; free attendance at Polarion user meetings; an annual on-site visit from an assigned technical account representative; free staging server; remote server health check; planned weekend support; and migration/upgrade support. Priced at 40% of the product license cost, gold support is available 24-hours a day, Monday-Friday.

Polarion's latest version is 2015 SR1.

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