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HYCU goes deeper into Nutanix protection

HYCU, which sells data protection specifically designed for Nutanix hyper-converged systems, today enhanced features for backing up the platform it has hitched its wagon to.

Comtrade Software launched HYCU (pronounced Haiku) software in June 2017 to concentrate on protection for data on Nutanix appliances. In March 2018, Comtrade Software rebranded as HYCU, part of the Comtrade Group. HYCU has more than 300 employees, mostly dedicated to a single application.

HYCU 3.5 allows snapshots of Nutanix Volume Groups, snapshots of SAP HANA, restores of individual disks instead of files, folders or virtual machines, and agentless backup of Microsoft SQL Failover Cluster.

HYCU’s support of SAP HANA follows Nutanix’s recent emphasis on protecting the application as it tries to move into more enterprise accounts. HYCU uses Nutanix SAP HANA snapshots for rapid recovery.

HYCU CEO Simon Taylor said his company develops all code individually from Nutanix, despite its focus on protecting data on Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure. “It’s not co-engineered by any stretch,” he said.

Taylor said HYCU has more than 700 customers using its backup and recovery software, 18 months after launching its software for Nutanix.

“We’re thrilled to have made it this far,” Taylor said.

There are three versions of HYCU software. HYCU Data Protection Suite for Nutanix covers all virtual machines, applications and Nutanix Files. HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix Apps protects VMs and applications running on Nutanix, and HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix Files protects only data on Nutanix Files storage.

HYCU pricing starts at $1,500 per socket, or customers can choose monthly subscription pricing of $75 per socket and $10 per VM for enterprises.

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