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How predictive storage analytics keeps trouble at bay

Predictive storage analytics, in conjunction with AI, is remaking enterprise data storage management. As more vendors incorporate these features into their products, storage is becoming a dynamic part of the IT infrastructure.

This is a new world where technology does more than deliver an accurate analysis of problems to experts who must then figure out the next step. Instead, when combined with AI and machine learning, predictive storage analytics resolves issues with the storage infrastructure and takes proactive steps to prevent future problems. This reduces the need for IT staff intervention, eliminates downtime and saves time and money.

Predictive analytics products and services analyze telemetry data from a large number of systems to recognize patterns and anomalies and predict risks. Pattern analysis calculates potential issues in several areas, including bandwidth, capacity and performance, to avoid negative outcomes.

The technology is also used for more specialized functions, such as determining if stored data complies with the rules and regulations related to personally identifiable information. GDPR, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and the California Consumer Privacy Act -- which goes into effect January 2020 -- all come with an array of requirements around the data businesses hold. Compliance analytics tools assess the potential compliance problems lurking in stored data before they become real.

Find out more about how compliance analytics works in this handbook. We also examine the benefits of predictive storage analytics and some emerging products, as well as how cloud services and analytics work together.

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