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May 2018, Vol. 17, No. 3

NVMe technology is but a first step toward bigger things

Nonvolatile memory express is probably on your radar, whether you're already using or considering buying flash storage. If you're talking to a storage array vendor, you're almost certainly hearing all about the new host controller interface and storage protocol. As vendors will tell you, nonvolatile memory express is an inevitable step in enterprise flash. They will also tell you their NVMe products provide the best performance and lowest latency, without disrupting the way you work. The part about performance and latency is true. NVMe's bandwidth and improved queuing make NVMe SSDs better performers than the SAS SSDs commonly used today. As far as which vendor's NVMe product is the best, that has little to do with NVMe itself, just as you don't generally judge flash arrays by comparing vendors' drives. NVMe technology is part of an evolving flash world, a step toward much more significant advances. You should look at NVMe as the beginning of a transition to storage-class memory (SCM). Switching to NVMe drives makes for a ...

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