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October 2018, Vol. 17, No. 7

IT migration success hinges on minimizing downtime

Migration in the world of IT comes in many forms and levels of complexity. At its most basic, it involves migrating or updating data, software or hardware -- or some combination of the three -- from one operating environment to, presumably, a better environment. You could move programs and software to a new or upgraded system or IT resources to a different software platform or hardware infrastructure with an IT migration project. Or maybe transfer data from one database type to another or between storage arrays, servers or formats. Or, perhaps, migration entails moving an application from an on-premises enterprise server or some other aspect of your IT infrastructure to the cloud or between cloud services. In scope, migrations range from small projects that encompass moving a single application or system to large-scale migrations that comprise new applications, reconfigured or upgraded networks and many systems and servers. These examples merely scratch the surface of what IT migration could entail. But whatever the type of ...

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