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October 2018, Vol. 17, No. 7

Maximize cloud storage benefits with cloud-native data

Every data center's storage architecture should include cloud storage. How that architecture integrates or uses it will vary from organization to organization. Strategies to maximize cloud storage benefits shouldn't focus on just one aspect or capability, but instead should consider the whole picture and what cloud storage would actually mean to the enterprise. Typical initial cloud projects, such as backup, migration, archive and disaster recovery (DR), tend to limit long-term cloud storage benefits and use of cloud resources. For example, a cloud backup application that stores data in the cloud using a proprietary format means an enterprise can't subsequently use that data with another cloud-based application. Migration approaches, on the other hand, typically transfer and transform data, making it cloud-native and useable by cloud applications in general. Most migration services perform one-way only, however. They don't enable the seamless movement of data back and forth between cloud and on premises and across clouds. The ...

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