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November 2018, Vol. 17, No. 8

Public cloud workload success requires IT leadership

Few innovations have redefined IT as much as the public cloud. According to Enterprise Strategy Group research, 85% of IT organizations now use public cloud services, using either IaaS or software as a service, and 81% of public cloud infrastructure users work with more than one cloud service provider. Multi-cloud is our modern-day IT reality. Amidst this mass adoption of public cloud services, an interesting phenomenon is occurring: Of IaaS users, 41% have brought at least one public cloud workload back to run on premises. While this may seem like an indictment on the use of public cloud services, it isn't, quite the contrary. At ESG, we recently conducted an extensive investigation into the decisions that led to migrating workloads back on premises. When looking for insights into the factors driving and influencing these migration activities, one theme stuck out. Often in the enthusiasm to benefit from public cloud infrastructure, companies commit workloads en masse without applying necessary due diligence. Only later do they ...

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