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November 2018, Vol. 17, No. 8

Predictive storage analytics can watch your storage for you

Two months from now, we'll devote an issue of Storage magazine to the hottest storage technologies you will need to know about in 2019. Sorry, no spoilers here. You'll have to wait for our list to know what is on it. However, I will address one not-new-but-still-emerging technology that will sit at the center of the nexus of that list: predictive storage analytics. If you're an old-school storage pro, you should be paying attention to new skills you should learn at least as much as you worry about new technologies. But you should also pay attention to what new skills your storage software is learning. That will lead you to predictive storage analytics. When you shop for storage, you should pay close attention to the predictive analytics offered with it as well. Storage vendors certainly look at it when they shop for new storage technologies. Hewlett Packard Enterprise declared Nimble's InfoSight predictive analytics as a key driver of its 2017 acquisition of Nimble Storage, for example, and HPE has busily expanded those ...

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