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Cloudian HyperStore 7 targets multi-cloud complexities

HyperStore 7 pools storage across on premises and public clouds under a single namespace. Cloudian supports file and object storage, as well as Amazon, Microsoft and Google clouds.

Cloudian today introduced the latest version of HyperStore that pools storage from multiple cloud environments under a single namespace, so data can be managed, protected and searched as a single entity.

Cloudian HyperStore 7 supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and Google Cloud Platform, along with object storage and NFS and SMB protocols. The software runs on scale-out 4U storage nodes that can be clustered across on-premises and public cloud data centers. The company's object storage is based on the Apache Cassandra open source distributed database.

The Cloudian HyperStore software and scale-out storage nodes natively support the Simple Storage Service API to provide services such as data management, data protection, high availability, search and geodistribution from a single storage pool.

Greg Schulz, founder of consultant firm StorageIO in Stillwater, Minn., said Cloudian's HyperStore 7 can remove complexities associated with accessing files and objects in the cloud and on premises.

"For years, the conversation was about using the cloud as a target," Schulz said. "Now, it's not just about using cloud as a target, but doing other things. Cloudian can do scale-out. They can do on premises. They can do file and object. What [Cloudian] is doing is bringing all these attributes together and also adding multi-cloud."

Cloudian HyperStore also supports AES-256 server-side encryption and SSL encryption for data in transit.

Cloudian HyperStore consolidates object-based or file-based unstructured data into a single, scalable storage pool. HyperStore users can replicate across clouds. It can be used for backup, disaster recovery, archiving, collaboration and data management. It provides synchronous and asynchronous replication, erasure coding and bucket-level granularity for all storage policies, multi-tenant services and quality of service. Cloudian HyperStore also supports AES-256 server-side encryption and SSL encryption for data in transit.

"It's all clustered, so you can stripe data or replicate data for protection," said Jon Toor, Cloudian's chief marketing officer. "This is an application running on clustered devices that uses back-end storage in the cloud. You can run three devices in an on-premises data center and one in the cloud, and when you look at the management console, you will see four locations in a cluster. From a management standpoint, it all looks like the same thing."

"We could cluster before, but it was in a single data center," Toor added. "Now, we can manage data across multiple environments. We provide a common language and management pool for Amazon, Azure and Google [clouds]."

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