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Five ways VDI technology is affected by storage


Don't let storage take the blame for VDI system issues

Source:  Getty Images

VDI advocates tend to blame any problems on storage. According to Madden, this goes back to 2006 when VDI was invented, and storage to support VDI systems simply didn't exist. But the VDI industry pressed on and ended up facing a host of storage problems.

About eight years ago, storage did not do what VDI needed it to. Today, storage can meet those VDI system requirements, but VDI fans still sometimes issue blame. So how do you fight back against that perception? Use the specifications. If the VDI people asked for 20 IOPS per user, and your storage is delivering that, then you did your part. It may not provide an ideal experience, but that was how they asked you to design it. Often, the problem doesn't lie with the storage, it lies with users not knowing what they actually need.

"Today's storage can do everything VDI needs it to do at a good price," said Madden.


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