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The top 10 PowerCLI scripts for vSphere administrators


How to track down the VM creator

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If you tend to have a team of people that create and clone VMs within your data center, then you are most likely familiar with a term called VM sprawl.

Alan Renouf developed the Who created that VM? script to eliminate the detective work of finding the person responsible for the creation of a VM. Although this script will not help prevent all those VMs from popping up, it will help alleviate the process of discovering the one who created them. There have been countless times where I've wondered what the purpose of a VM is and have had trouble identifying who created it.

This script will poll your vCenter logs to obtain the creator's user name along with the date the VM was created and then insert this information into a custom attribute. That said, the script can only go back as far as your vCenter log files are dated, so it's best to schedule this script to run once a day or at an occurrence of your preference.

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