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How much do you know about VMware AppDefense?

How much do you know about VMware's security product, AppDefense? This quiz asks you about AppDefense's technology and use cases to prove your understanding.

AppDefense is VMware's security service designed to protect virtualized applications and improve threat response. It provides application control process analysis, anomaly detection and response and remediation functions to the data center. It does this by checking an intended VM state for anomalies and automatically responding to anomalous behavior it finds, cutting down on manual log investigation to provide faster and more holistic environment monitoring.

Some of the specific tasks AppDefense is capable of carrying out when it detects a threat include blocking communications involved in a potentially compromised process and taking snapshots of questionable workloads for later analysis. AppDefense can also suspend or shut down problematic workloads, produce alarms to inform administrators about threats and take automatic actions to correct potential threats. It can remediate threats in real time with little to no administrator oversight.

VMware released AppDefense for general availability in August of 2017. It integrates and interoperates with several other major security platforms. And its complementary nature makes AppDefense appealing to a variety of customers.

Test your knowledge of this critical VMware service to determine if you're getting the most out of your VMware security, or learn a little more about one of VMware's key security offerings. If you know how AppDefense works and how to put it to use in your data center, you can bolster your VMware security strategy.

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