Flash, spinning disk, caching? VDI storage should be context-aware

Todd Knapp, CEO of Envision Technology Advisors, talks View 5.5 and VDI storage after the keynote address on Day 1 of VMworld 2013.

Knapp says VMware is trying to normalize storage for VDI and give all businesses a universal approach, which will be a hard vision to realize. He believes you need to blend VDI storage approaches, and he brings up a concept from a few years ago: context-aware storage architecture.

As far as the unveiling of VMware View 5.5 goes, Knapp says it's up to the user to start adopting the products and finding the integration and capability gaps so VMware can develop accordingly.

Check out what Knapp has to say and let us know what you think about the direction of storage for VDI.

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