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Why IoT and chatbots are critical to mobile apps

Mobile apps have changed the way we eat, shop, travel and more. Now, mobile apps themselves are changing. New technologies are collaborating with apps to create innovative features and functionality. Two technologies that have had a profound impact on mobile apps are IoT and bots.

Whatever tech website you open, there are inevitably headlines that include IoT, AI, bots or machine learning — or all of the above. These technologies are on the verge of becoming inseparable parts of every technology we use.

How does IoT integrate with mobile apps?

IoT is a chain of internet-enabled devices with IP addresses that function together with one single control center mobile app. One example is home automation. Every system in a home, including air conditioning, heat, security, lighting and entertainment, can be controlled through one “remote:” a mobile app. According to Statista, the global smart home market will grow to $53 billion by 2022. Additionally, total smart home market revenue will reach $520 billion by 2027.

Source: 360 Degree Technosoft

Beyond the home, the entire world can connect to IoT, with mobile apps at its core. Mobile devices come fully equipped with technology, such as geolocation, allowing multiple connections through Bluetooth, near field communications or Wi-Fi. These all contribute to putting mobile app development at the core of IoT-enabled devices.

Let me share a simple example. To check into a hotel, you need a key or access card. It’s a hassle to carry it, and there’s always the fear of losing it. Now, imagine if you could open the hotel’s app on your phone, choose your room, click some buttons and access your room. This wouldn’t be possible without the integration of IoT and mobile apps.

How are bots affecting the future of apps?

Chatbots are considered the next big thing after apps. Rumors are they might even replace apps someday. Let’s get to the root of these rumors.

  • Easy installation. You can ditch the entire process of installing or downloading from an app store. Just search it from any of your messaging apps and click on it to start chatting.
  • Easy distribution. Just like the ease of sharing, distribution is also easy. Bots can be shared across any messaging platforms and can be linked to any social media accounts.
  • Cheaper than apps. Mobile app development is a costly affair. Even if you manage to develop a mobile app at a cheaper rate, maintaining and updating it get expensive. Chatbots can be deployed on messaging apps that are already developed. Bots can be rolled into a new update and work just with the back end.
  • Easily accessible. Apps are everywhere, and the fact that bots will launch through apps makes them even more accessible. There is no need for extra marketing promotion; an app will do it all.

IoT and chatbots are the future. And since they both require mobile applications, we are going to see all three for a long time to come.

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