Examine the future of AI for IoT to achieve business success

Taking advantage of emerging trends, such as AI and IoT, is key to business success. Start by exploring the direction these two technologies will take according to experts.

If tech professionals expect their IoT or AI investments to continue to deliver value for many years to come, they must know how the futures of IoT and AI are inextricably intertwined.

The potential of AI for IoT is still developing. As more data accumulates from connected devices and gets input into AI algorithms, the effects of AI and IoT on human lives and jobs will grow. The combination of AI and IoT will lead to a highly automated future where a web of IoT technology and smart software entities work together to drive advancements and better inform decisions.

Take a deep dive into the future of AI for IoT

Right now, humans are part of the AI and IoT system, whether they input data into machine learning algorithms or give final approval of automated actions. But experts can envision a future where that won't be the case. The future of IoT will be a web of smart entities where analysis of real-time data from many endpoints feed into multiple models that empower smart devices to automatically act, according to Michael Wollowski, an associate professor of computer science and software engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and John McDonald, CEO of ClearObject.

Wollowski and McDonald authored Chapter 7 in the book Artificial Intelligence for the Internet of Everything -- written by several experts and edited by William Lawless, et al -- which explores potential applications of IoT technology and what intelligent automation will look like in the future. This chapter explores how the future of IoT cannot be seen without the context of other technological advancements, including predictive analytics. The book dives into different uses of AI for IoT, how multiple AI and IoT systems will collaborate to reach their full potential, and the challenges IoT and AI create for cybersecurity and understanding the complexity of the technology.

Below is an excerpt of the book: Chapter 7, "The web of smart entities -- aspects of a theory of the next generation of the internet of things," written by Wollowski and McDonald.

Explore Artificial Intelligence for the Internet of Everything

Click here to read Chapter 7, "The web of smart entities --aspects of a theory of the next generation of the internet of things."

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