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What are some AWS Marketplace benefits for enterprises?

Our enterprise lists its services in the AWS Marketplace. What's the best way to use the marketplace to sell our products?

Enterprises can use the AWS Marketplace in several ways. The service can help businesses sell software products that run on the AWS public cloud. It hosts different types of cloud-based software, including development tools, testing tools, monitoring tools, database systems, application servers, content management and business intelligence.

The AWS Marketplace benefits software developers and companies that want to monetize their products and services, as AWS customers can search for a developer's products. The AWS Marketplace offers software composed as an Amazon Machine Image, which enables customers to quickly purchase and launch preconfigured software. It not only launches software directly to shorten the sales cycle -- buyers can make decisions and purchases faster -- but another one of the AWS Marketplace benefits is that it regulates software use to allow for free or limited trials without requiring developers to create different versions. AWS handles all of the metering, billing, payment collection and reporting, charging buyers for purchases through their AWS accounts.

Buyers and sellers can take advantage of AWS Marketplace benefits through the Management Portal, where they can access management tools, track marketing performance and direct best practices for software product listings. But businesses must adhere to prerequisites outlined in the AWS Marketplace Seller Guide and submit a Partner Application. Once accepted, they can load and sell products immediately to take advantage of AWS Marketplace benefits.

AWS Marketplace replaced Amazon DevPay as a payment platform for software running on AWS; DevPay no longer accepts new seller or merchant applications. AWS Marketplace can also support Amazon Virtual Private Clouds, and products can run on Reserved, Spot and On-Demand instances.

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