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June 2015

Optimizing your AWS costs

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Doing business in AWS is easy; understanding what it costs you is not. Just when you think you understand your AWS pricing structure, it changes. So how do you stay current on the latest costs for popular services? And what additional development costs can you expect to encounter?

This handbook delves into these topics to give readers a clearer picture of what users are paying for when they choose AWS. Included is information on third-party tools that help users effectively analyze their AWS cloud costs. AWS users want to know what to expect so that they can plan a budget accordingly. Managing cloud costs is an area where organizations of all sizes can struggle with if they are not diligent. Factors such as uncontrolled usage and sprawl can lead to unpleasant surprises when the cloud bill comes due.

About The Author

Kurt Marko - Consultant

Kurt Marko was an engineer and technologist who designed and ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Optimizing your AWS cloud costs  
  • The cloud is not a data center
  • Know what your application will need

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