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Test your knowledge of GDPR rights and AWS data protection

Is your enterprise GDPR-compliant? Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge of the EU regulation, as well as relevant AWS data protection tools.

Data protection should be a primary concern for businesses of all types and sizes. But those that store sensitive information on a public cloud platform, such as AWS, need to be particularly vigilant with data security and the regulations that impact it.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union legislation that goes into effect on May 25 and replaces the EU Data Protection Directive, which was more than 20 years old.

The goal of the regulation is to give EU citizens more control over their personal data. GDPR rights will apply to any EU individual -- known under the regulation as a "data subject" -- who stores personal information, such as bank details or medical history, with a vendor or organization.

GDPR will soon restrict how a company can use personal data for commercial benefit, as well as direct companies to act in a more transparent manner with the data they do collect. If businesses fail to comply, they face legal consequences.

Test your knowledge on the specific GDPR rights EU citizens will have and the steps your organization should take to ensure GDPR compliance for AWS-hosted data.

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