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Democratization, self-service emblematic of embedded BI

E pluribus unum -- "out of many, one" -- was the rallying cry that unified the 13 colonies at the dawn of the American Revolution and later manifested into a constitutional democratic republic and self-determination. More recently, a manifestation of a different sort in technology has captured the Spirit of '76 -- democratization of data and self-service tools.

Enter embedded BI software: Out of many stand-alone business intelligence capabilities -- interactive dashboarding, reporting, predictive modeling and data analysis -- once obtained only by switching out of preferred apps, emerges one application to perform analytics, visualize insights and create customized apps. Operations, strategic planning and R&D have shown the greatest interest in embedded BI, according to the seventh annual "Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study" by Dresner Advisory Services.

In addition, about 90% of product managers, developers, software engineers, IT pros and business executives surveyed in the sixth annual "State of Embedded Analytics Report" by software maker Logi Analytics said embedding self-service analytics capabilities into one application has increased end-user adoption, and nearly half of the respondents reported a subsequent reduction in ad hoc requests from users. "By embedding analytics invisibly into applications people already know, use and love, change is minimized and value is maximized," wrote Jen Underwood, principal consultant for analytics and machine learning at Impact Analytix, in her forward to the report. She pointed to increased adoption of embedded BI because "business professionals expressed a strong desire to stay in one application, when and where a decision is needed, instead of wasting precious time by switching apps."

This handbook vows to make the best use of your precious time. First, we examine where data analysts, app developers and business users see embedded BI software making a marked difference in their everyday jobs. Next, BI vendors increasingly target developers for embedded low-code/no-code tools to design and implement customized apps. Finally, read why embedded BI ranks among the top analytics trends for 2020.

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