'Big data' analytics 101: Practical advice on getting started

“Big data” is the hot topic at almost every business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing conference these days, with industry analysts and consultants talking up the potential for companies to use big data analytics tools to get real business benefits out of all the different types of information they’re collecting. Whereas traditional BI and analytics processes concentrate on structured transaction data, big data analytics is focused primarily on unstructured data, according to William McKnight, president of McKnight Consulting Group in Plano, Texas. SearchBusinessAnalytics.com Editorial Director Hannah Smalltree interviewed McKnight about the basics of big data and big data analytics and how companies can get started with managing and analyzing big data -- in effect, his version of big data and big data analytics 101.

In this four-minute video interview recorded at the Pacific Northwest BI Summit 2011 in Grants Pass, Ore., readers will:

  • Get McKnight’s explanation of what big data is
  • Learn about the challenges of managing big data and why traditional BI and analytics software can’t cut it with big data
  • Hear advice on how to sort through the available options on big data technology and big data analytics tools


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