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Should you practice Facebook resistance?

Whether you’re experiencing the end-of-year slowdown or a flurry of last-minute requests along with annual performance appraisals, December is always a little out of the ordinary. Here’s our weekly summary of the best and brightest links from the blogosphere, hoping to light up your winter solstice with news of Facebook resistance, a sign of economic growth and free airport Wi-Fi during the holiday travel season.

•  Is resistance futile? Not if you’re practicing Facebook resistance.

• Don’t you hate it when family asks you what you want for the gift-giving holiday of your choice? Here’s a quicky list of techno geek gift ideas to help you out. Who wouldn’t want a shower-proof notepad?!

• Going somewhere for the holidays? VoIP vendor Skype will be offering free Skype Wi-Fi in 50 U.S. airports from Dec. 21 through Dec. 27.

• Good news for once: Credit availability will increase in 2012.

• Were you a calculus nerd in high school? 2012 is going to be your year, according to Derrick Harris.

• One of the secrets to success is seeking perfection, says the Chobani yogurt king, Hamdi Ulukaya.

• We’re all looking for ways to put our customers first without killing our budget in the process. Emily Heyward has three commonsense ways to put your customer first.

• A California judge may have just added to the growing Facebook resistance: The judge has ruled that Facebook’s method of advertising is in direct violation of a California commercial endorsement law.

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