The most popular mobile OS? Hint: It's not an Apple product

We’ve scoured the Web looking for the top notes for your executive lunch break. This week, we’re digging into mobile and smartphone news, including the most popular mobile device and the risks your BYOD users are facing with the latest Android malware attacks.

The majority of U.S. mobile users now own smartphones, according to Nielsen Wire, and of them, the most popular mobile operating system is the Android.

Happy birthday to SMS technology, which turned 20 this week. Seems like only yesterday we were writing out “you are” instead of “ur”.

John Herrman is terrified of Samsung’s latest Android news for several reasons, one of which is that it’s a little overinvested in its mobile users.

If you find typing on the slick iPad 2 keyboard annoying, you’re not alone. Check out this technique for speeding up text editing on the iPad’s native keyboard (via Subtraction).

Infamous torrent site The Pirate Bay has officially scolded the hacker group Anonymous for cyberattacks on its behalf. That’s saying something when a very sketchy torrent site takes the high road.

The latest Android news that you can’t afford to miss: IRCbot malware has joined the party and is targeting the most popular mobile device. How’s your mobile device security policy looking these days?

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