It's time to join the wearables race

Have you joined the wearables race yet? If you’re a CIO and you haven’t yet, you might want to get on it. Apple, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Under Armour, LG, and Samsung certainly have.

CIOs should be jumping on board too. And Gartner’s prediction that wearable devices will be a $10 billion dollar market by 2016 only backs that point up, Associate Site Editor Fran Sales reports.

Scot Koegler, an independent tech writer, said in a blog post: “There are initiatives that companies need to consider as they prepare for the wearable onslaught — whether that means proactively planning for their integration in organizational practices or actively restricting their use (at least for the time being).”

But, don’t go it alone, Sales said. She adds that the business needs you and you need the business when it comes to figuring out this next wave of mobile technology in the workplace. So be ever-present at the IoT table.

In other news, there’s been another high profile hack. Didn’t I tell you hackers are persistent? This time, it’s JP Morgan and other US banks who have taken the hit and many suspect the Russians. The FBI is on the case. Also, Jawbone’s UP fitness trackers picked up on the recent 6.0 magnitude quake that hit Napa and showed how the quake affected UP users’ sleep patterns; plus, Dropbox and other online storage sites are scrambling to change their business models as rivals like Google and Amazon drive their costs down and ever closer to zero. That, and more in this week’s Searchlight.

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