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Looking forward to the day we don't talk about women in tech

Jennie Lamere did something pretty cool. The 17-year-old high school senior beat out 80 competitors to win a recent hackathon. The prize-winning innovation is an app that called Twivo that can be used to block TV spoilers from Twitter feeds. And I just did something pretty cool, too. I managed to about four sentences into this paragraph without pointing out the fact (albeit kind of obvious from her name) she is a she. This week’s Searchlight looks forward to the day when women in technology are highlighted not because their choice of work or expertise is somehow seen as novel but because what they’re accomplishing — like Jennie — happens to be awesome.  Also this week: backing into the ROI of big data, email bounces back, a dim outlook for Google Glass and more.

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Change the “can do” to “are doing” and it’s perfect.

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