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It's time to roll the dice with social networking

Attention, businesses that aren’t actively making use of social networking sites and tools: Go directly to obscurity, do not pass Go, do not collect market share. For you see, Monopoly game maker Hasbro has proved you you don’t have to be particularly cool or cutting edge to win over the social media masses. This week’s Searchlight looks at how the company drummed up major publicity with a simple, well-executed bit of outreach to fans of its property-buying board game, and SAP’s Oliver Bussman explains why CIOs like himself ought to care. Also this week, you’ll find out how the the White House is making it easier to complain about the state of the union, why President Obama’s cybersecurity executive order is friendlier to your privacy than the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, and more.

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Is this the Monopoly: Journalist Edition? The coffee and laptop say yes, the presence of money indicates otherwise.

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