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6 social media conferences to attend in 2024

Social media is changing how businesses market products, interact with customers and build awareness. Here are events where businesses can learn to make the most of social media.

Attending social media conferences can keep companies current on the latest trends and help them incorporate changes into their business and marketing plans.

Businesses are turning to social media to market products, recruit new employees and engage with customers. Benefits of social media include visibility, engagement, brand recognition and customer insight. Creating an effective social strategy can improve a company's reputation and help build trust.

Here are some of the top social media conferences to attend in 2024:

1. Digital Summit

When and where:

  • Kansas City, Mo.: May 15-16
  • Denver: June 10-11
  • Minneapolis: Aug. 14-15
  • Philadelphia: Sept. 24-25
  • Atlanta: Oct. 3-4
  • Raleigh, N.C.: Nov. 4-5
  • Dallas: Dec. 4-5

Cost: $395-$995

Digital Summit is an event that discusses digital marketing best practices and strategies. These two-day conferences will cover topics like social media, content creation, lead generation, search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics.

Speakers vary by location. Some speakers include the following:

  • Jennifer Brace -- chief futurist at Ford.
  • Christine Den Herder -- senior manager, executive briefing documents at Amazon.
  • Ty Heath -- director of market engagement at LinkedIn.
  • Zuri Godfrey -- brand marketing manager, Google.
  • Brian Solis -- head of global innovation at ServiceNow.

Register for Digital Summit conferences here.

2. Social Media Day Halifax

When: June 7

Where: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Cost: $166 (converted to USD from CAD)

Social Media Day Halifax focuses on Canadian businesses. Topics include learning how social media posts can help businesses reach goals, developing new strategies, understanding trends, using Instagram and LinkedIn for engagement, increasing views and telling brand stories through video.

Speakers include the following:

  • Keonte Beals -- singer/songwriter, author, performer and owner of KBeals Entertainment.
  • Caley Dimmock -- founder of Dimik Creative Group Inc.
  • Sheena Russell -- founder of Made with Local.
  • Kayla Short -- Canadian blogger and full-time lifestyle and travel content creator at Short Presents.
  • Lindsay Stockall -- owner and creative director at Stockall & Company.

Register for Social Media Day Halifax here.

3. Social Media Strategies Summit

When: June 12-13

Where: Virtual event

Cost: $349-$749

Social Media Strategies Summit focuses on how to build a social media strategy and drive brand loyalty and growth. Attendees will learn how to create and optimize social content for different platforms to have positive business impacts. Along with classic informational sessions, this conference will also provide speaker panels and roundtable discussions with industry thought leaders. There are also optional workshops on June 11 and 14.

Speakers include the following:

  • Patrick Benson -- director of digital, social and influencer marketing at El Pollo Loco, Inc.
  • Carson Mason -- social media manager at Papa John's International.
  • Grace McLaughlin -- senior brand manager at Blenders Eyewear.
  • Tyler Paget -- social media manager at Fox Racing.
  • Gabrielle Swanton -- manager of social commerce content and campaigns at Walmart.

Register for the Social Media Strategies Summit here.

4. Social Media Week Lima 2024

When: June 21-22

Where: Lima, Ohio

Cost: $50-$250

Social Media Week Lima 2024 focuses on how businesses can use social media and relationship marketing to understand audiences and build connections and loyalty. Topics will include Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Instagram, chatbots, live video, blogging and SEO. Sessions will vary from speaker sessions to hands-on learning opportunities.

Speakers include the following:

  • Izabela Bos -- social media manager at University of Miami Health System.
  • Katie Brinkley -- CEO at Next Step Social Communications and author.
  • Tyrone Russell -- owner of Sweet Pie Media.
  • Jessika Phillips -- founder and president of NOW Marketing Group, Inc.
  • Roger Wakefield -- social media coach, consultant and influencer known as "The Expert Plumber."

Register for Social Media Week Lima 2024 here.

5. 2024 ANA Digital and Social Media Conference

When: July 17-19

Where: Los Angeles; and virtual event

Cost: $1,099-$1,999

ANA Digital and Social Media Conference is a digital and social media conference from the Association of National Advertisers. Attendees can benefit from networking opportunities and information on how to grow a business's brand. Sessions will cover case studies, best practices, AI, government relations and the latest trends in marketing and advertising. Speakers have not yet been announced.

Register for the ANA Digital and Social Media Conference here.

6. Content Marketing World

When: Oct. 22-23

Where: San Diego

Cost: $899-$2,999

Content Marketing World features workshops, sessions and industry forums. Topics include social media, SEO, brand strategies, content development and strategy, tools and technology, video storytelling, and writing.

Speakers include the following:

  • Elizabeth Banks -- actor, producer, writer and director.
  • Andrew Davis -- author and keynote speaker.
  • Bennie Johnson -- CEO at American Marketing Association.
  • Cassie Kozyrkov -- chief decision scientist at Google.
  • Robert Rose -- chief strategy adviser at Content Marketing Institute.

Register for Content Marketing World here.

Amanda Hetler is a senior editor and writer for WhatIs where she writes technology explainer articles and works with freelancers.

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