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7 social media conferences to attend in 2023

Social media is changing how businesses market products, interact with customers and build awareness. Here are events where businesses can learn to make the most of social media.

Attending social media conferences can keep companies current on the latest trends and help them incorporate changes into their business and marketing plans.

Businesses are turning to social media to market products, recruit new employees and engage with customers. Benefits of social media include visibility, engagement, brand recognition and customer insight. Creating an effective social strategy can improve a company's reputation and help build trust.

Here are some of the top social media conferences to attend in 2023:

1. Digital Summit

When and where:

  • Washington, D.C.: April 18-19
  • Atlanta: June 15-16
  • Denver: June 27-28
  • Minneapolis: Aug. 16-17
  • Detroit: Sept. 19-20
  • Chicago: Oct. 4-5
  • Philadelphia.: Oct. 16-17
  • Raleigh: Nov. 13-14

Cost: $795-$895

Where to register:

Digital Summit is an event that will discuss digital marketing best practices and strategies. These two-day conferences will discuss social media, content creation, lead generation, SEO and analytics.

Speakers vary by location. Some speakers include the following:

  • Seth Godin -- best-selling author and marketing guru.
  • Tatiana Holifield -- vice president of digital content and audience engagement at Pandora.
  • Beverly Jackson -- vice president of brand and product marketing at Zillow.
  • Brian Solis -- vice president of global innovation at Salesforce.
  • Kate Winick -- senior director of social and editorial at Peloton.

2. Social Media Day Halifax

When: June 9

Where: Halifax, N.S., Canada

Cost: $164 (converted to USD from CAD)

Where to register:

Social Media Day Halifax focuses on Canadian businesses. Topics include learning how social media posts can help businesses reach goals, developing new strategies, advertising on Facebook, understanding trends, increasing views and telling brand stories through video. Speakers have not yet been announced.

Leading social media sites based on number of users. Facebook is in the top spot with more than 2.9 billion users. Other sites include YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok.
Here are the top social media sites based on the number of users.

3. Social Media Strategies Summit

When: June 14-15

Where: Virtual event

Cost: $349-$749

Where to register:

Social Media Strategies Summit focuses on how to build a social media strategy and drive brand loyalty and growth. Attendees will learn how to create and optimize social content for different platforms to have positive business impacts. Along with classic informational sessions, this conference will also provide speaker panels and roundtable discussions with industry thought leaders.

Speakers include the following:

  • Mitchell Clements -- social media creative manager at ESPN.
  • Samantha Fink -- director of content partnerships at National Football League.
  • Bryce Gustafson -- director of social media at National Football League.
  • Bari Rosenstein -- social media manager at Auntie Anne's and Jamba.

4. Social Media Week Lima 2023

When: June 21-22

Where: Lima, Ohio

Cost: $50-$250

Where to register:

Social Media Week Lima 2023 focuses on how businesses can use social media and relationship marketing to understand audiences and build connections. Topics will include Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Instagram, chatbots, live video, blogging and SEO. Sessions will vary from speaker sessions to hands-on learning opportunities.

Speakers include the following:

  • Brie Anderson -- owner at BEAST Analytics.
  • Bryan Kramer -- executive strategist and business coach at H2H Companies.
  • Fiona Lucas -- director of online reputation and social strategy at iRespectOnline.
  • Jamie Samples -- CEO at Yellow Barn Media.
  • Viveka Von Rosen -- co-founder and chief visibility officer at Vengreso.

5. ANA Digital and Social Media Conference

When: July 17-19

Where: Carlsbad, Calif., and virtual event

Cost: $299-$1,199

Where to register:

ANA Digital and Social Media Conference is a digital and social media conference from the Association of National Advertisers. Attendees can benefit from networking opportunities and information on how to grow a business's brand. Sessions will cover case studies, best practices and the latest trends in marketing and advertising. Speakers have not yet been announced.

6. Content Marketing World

When: Sept. 27-28

Where: Washington, D.C.

Cost: $799-$2,899

Where to register:

Content Marketing World features workshops, sessions and industry forums. Topics include social media, search engine optimization, brand strategies, content development and strategy, tools and technology, video storytelling, and writing.

Speakers include the following:

  • Jay Acunzo -- author, show host and brand consultant at Unthinkable Media.
  • Jessica Bergmann -- vice president of content & customer marketing at Salesforce.
  • Bonin Bough -- co-founder and chief strategy officer at Group Black.
  • Tequia Burt -- editor in chief of LinkedIn Ads Blog at LinkedIn.
  • Andy Crestodina -- chief marketing officer and co-founder at Orbit Media Studios, Inc.

7. Traffic & Conversion Summit

When: Jan. 9-11, 2024

Where: Las Vegas

Cost: $895-$3,295

Where to register:

The Traffic & Conversion Summit is all about the digital marketing world. Featured topics and discussions include social and influencer marketing, digital agencies, content and SEO, and the future of marketing. Speakers have not yet been announced.

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