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Top 8 metaverse events in 2022

The metaverse is changing and evolving at a fast pace. Here are some events where businesses can learn more about this immersive technology and how to use it.

The metaverse is taking the world by storm and brings new opportunities for interaction and collaboration -- and conferences are a great way to learn about the latest trends and technology.

Industry experts predict the metaverse could be worth $80 billion by the end of 2024. This is largely due to the buy-in from large tech companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Google and Apple. The metaverse is expected to help grow the digital economy, and the tech world is looking to join the ride.

Learning more about the metaverse helps tech companies capitalize on this next level of the internet. And conferences provide the opportunity to learn about this technology and network with others. Here are some top metaverse events in 2022.

Metaverse Ecosystem Development & Investment Conference Asia Station

When: May 24-26

Where: Virtual

Cost: Free

Where to register:

Organized by the Metaverse Club, this conference features more than 5,000 technology, NFT, blockchain, entertainment and DeFi companies from global markets. Topics of discussion include Web 3.0, decentralization, NFTs, DeFi and blockchain games.

This online event will feature numerous speakers including:

  • Takayuki Suzuki, CEO of MetaTokyo
  • Guy Gadney, CEO of Charisma Entertainment
  • Isabell Welpe, professor of strategy for Technical University of Munich
  • Ben Nolan, founder and CEO of Cryptovoxels
  • Miko Matsumura, general partner for Gumi Cryptos Capital
  • On Yavin, managing partner for Cointelligence Fund

Augmented World Expo USA

When: June 1-3

Where: Santa Clara, Calif.

Cost: $695-$2,499

Where to register:

This conference focuses on ideas relating to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and extended reality (XR). This community brings together technology providers with end users, startups with investors, and brands with developers.

AWE USA features all topics related to spatial computing. Other topics include enabling technologies such as AI, haptics, 5G and bio-interfaces.

Speakers include:

  • John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity Technologies
  • Bjorn Book-Larsson, vice president of product for Roblox Corp.
  • Pearly Chen, vice president of business development for HTC Vive
  • Thaisa Yamamura, head of business development for Sony
  • Hugo Swart, vice president and general manager for XR at Qualcomm
  • Christopher Lafayette, founder of Gatherverse
  • Steve Lukas, director of product management for Qualcomm

Techspo Expo Series

When and where: There are multiple U.S. locations for this conference, including:

  • Houston: May 25-26
  • San Francisco: June 2-3
  • Boston: June 13-14
  • San Diego: June 16-17
  • Atlanta: June 30-July 1
  • Los Angeles: July 11-12

Cost: $17-$297

Where to register:

This conference brings together marketers, technology providers, designers, brands, developers and innovators to explore the latest technology trends.

There are also exhibitions to explore the next generation of technology, including mobile, AdTech, martech, internet and SaaS tools. Learn how these technologies can help your business grow.

Metaverse Global Congress

When: June 28-29

Where: San Jose, Calif.

Cost: $849-$1,249

Where to register:

Learn about new opportunities for virtual meeting spaces, AR and VR learning, digital goods, virtual storefronts and more.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Aaron Brossoit, CEO and founder of Golden Shovel Agency
  • Toni Caradonna, adviser for Cross the Ages
  • Cix Liv, co-founder of REK
  • Nic Mitham, co-founder of Metaversed
  • Severin Wilson, vice president of global marketing for Epik
  • Michael Zoelzer, founder of Metacity

Siggraph 2022

When: Aug. 8-11

Where: Vancouver, Canada; virtual also available

Cost: $825-$1,155

Where to register:

While computer graphics and interactive technology play a large part in the metaverse, the biggest part is interaction. At Siggraph 2022, attendees will learn more about investing in this new market and hear some insights on collaboration and productivity.

Programs and events include VR theater, emerging technology panels, technical papers and "appy" hour. There are five interest areas to explore including art and design, gaming and interactive, new technologies, production and animation, and research and education.

This is an interactive conference with exhibitions. There are no speakers announced at this time.

Augmented Enterprise Summit

When: Oct. 18-22

Where: San Diego, Calif.; virtual pass also available

Cost: $299-$799

Where to register:

Formerly the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit, the Augmented Enterprise Summit is one of the longest-running events dedicated to business application of XR and other emerging technologies such as AR/VR/MR, sensors and wearables. Listen to industry professionals discuss training, the metaverse, remote work, creating 3D content for immersive apps, marketing and sales.

Speakers include:

  • Michael Braaten, technology engineering manager of Johnson & Johnson
  • Vince Herrera, digital value delivery leader for sales and marketing at Dupont
  • Kate Kressen, senior manager II of learning content design and development at Walmart
  • Benny Lee, global manager of digital design at Coca-Cola
  • Leslie Forsberg, system engineer tech fellow for digital maintainability and VR at Boeing
  • Stephen Paul, director of visualization and immersive technology at AECOM
  • David Dolenga, innovation group manager of immersive technology at GM

Immerse Global Summit

When: Dec. 5-7

Where: Miami, Fla.

Cost: $399-$1,299

Where to register:

This conference brings together companies to explore VR and AR. There will be more than 25 tracks to choose from, including growth strategies, digital marketing, AI, Web3 and edge computing.

Speakers are being finalized. immersive technology show, featuring

Other conferences to keep on the radar

As more tech giants adopt and embrace the metaverse, here are some other conferences to keep an eye on. Watch for more information about Microsoft Ignite, scheduled for November. Microsoft recently announced plans to acquire Activision Blizzard, positioning itself for the metaverse. The deal is expected to close in fiscal year 2023.

Meta -- the parent company for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus VR -- announced it will not host its developer conference this year to concentrate on the metaverse.

Mixture of new and emerging collaboration tools gives enterprises more options for sharing, storing and managing content.
Collaboration tools continue to evolve and the metaverse will expand on this.

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