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Marketing in the metaverse: What marketers need to know virtual reality

Top 5 metaverse conferences in 2024

The metaverse offers businesses unique training and customer service opportunities. Here are some events where you can learn more about this immersive technology and how to use it.

The metaverse brings new opportunities for interaction and collaboration -- and conferences are a great way to learn about the latest trends and technology.

While the term metaverse might not be used as often as it once was, the metaverse is not dead -- the term could be the only aspect of the metaverse going away. There are several real-world use cases of the metaverse for businesses. The metaverse is expected to help grow the digital economy, and the tech world is still looking to join the ride. In 2023, Apple debuted its Vision Pro, an augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) product, which could expand corporate adoption of mixed reality for training. 

Learning more about the metaverse helps tech companies capitalize on this next level of the internet. Conferences provide the opportunity to learn about this technology and network with others. Here are some top metaverse events in 2024, as of this writing.

1. Techspo Expo Series

When and where: There are multiple U.S. locations for this conference, including the following:

  • Los Angeles, April 11-12.
  • San Diego, May 2-3.
  • Houston, May 13-14.
  • New York, May 16-17.
  • Boston, June 10-11.
  • Philadelphia, June 17-18.
  • Atlanta, June 20-21.
  • San Francisco, July 8-9.
  • Dallas, July 11-12.
  • Denver, Oct. 21-22.
  • Las Vegas, Oct. 28-30.

Cost: $17 for a one-day visitor pass; $147 for a one-day training pass; and $297 for a two-day all-access pass.

This conference brings together marketers, technology providers, designers, brands, developers and innovators to explore the latest technology trends.

There are also exhibitions to explore the next generation of technology, including mobile, advertising technology, marketing technology, internet, social media management services and SaaS tools. Learn how these technologies can help your business grow.

Register for Techspo here.

2. Augmented World Expo USA 2024

When: June 18-20

Where: Long Beach, Calif.

Cost: $695-$1,995

This conference focuses on VR, AR, mixed reality (MR) and extended reality (XR). This community brings together technology providers with end users, startups and developers.

AWE USA features all topics related to spatial computing. Other topics include enabling technologies, such as AI, streaming, haptics, 5G and Web3.

Speakers include the following:

  • Mar Gonzalez-Franco, research manager for Google AR and VR.
  • Cathy Hackl, CEO of Spatial Dynamics.
  • Andy Hunt, manager of the Digital Innovation Lab at Hershey Co.
  • Jason McGuigan, head of virtual reality at Lenovo.
  • Jason Rubin, vice president of metaverse experiences at Meta.

Register for Augmented World Expo USA here.

Mixture of new and emerging collaboration tools gives enterprises more options for sharing, storing and managing content.
Collaboration tools continue to evolve, and the metaverse will expand on this.

3. Siggraph 2024

When: July 28-Aug. 1

Where: Denver and virtual

Cost: $25-$875 ($1,090 for nonmembers)

While computer graphics and interactive technology play a large part in the metaverse, the biggest part is interaction. At Siggraph 2024, attendees will learn more about investing in this new market and hear some insights on collaboration and productivity.

Programs and events include an electronic theater with computer animation, emerging technology panels, technical papers and immersive games. There are five interest areas to explore, including arts and design, gaming and interactive, new technologies, production and animation, and research and education.

This is an interactive conference with exhibitions. The keynote speaker is Mark Sagar, computer graphic projects supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks. There are no other speakers announced at this time.

Register for Siggraph 2024 here.

4. Augmented Enterprise Summit

When: Oct. 15-17

Where: Dallas and virtual

Cost: $399-$5,000

The Augmented Enterprise Summit is one of the longest-running events dedicated to business application of XR and other emerging technologies, such as AR, VR, MR, sensors and wearables. Listen to industry professionals discuss training and the metaverse, creating 3D content for immersive apps, marketing and sales and other emerging technologies such as 5G, edge computing, digital twins and AI.

Speakers include the following:

  • Rich Beaudrie, principal lead of digital learning at Chick-fil-A.
  • James Cooper, chief technologist of advanced visualization at Raytheon Technologies.
  • Leslie Forsberg, associate tech fellow for digital maintainability and VR development at Boeing.
  • Laura Kinkle, innovation and emerging technologies lead at Daimler Truck.
  • Michelle Pacynski, vice president of digital innovation at Ulta Beauty.
  • Kurt Scheuringer, principal spatial computing solutions architect for emerging technologies at AWS.

Register for the Augmented Enterprise Summit here.

5. Immerse Global Summit 2024

Details of the 2024 event have not yet been announced.

Past events were held in Orlando. Experts discussed innovation through VR, AR, spatial computing and other immersive technologies. The event also previously had product demonstrations, panel discussions, access to industry research and keynote speakers from industry leaders.

Stay updated on the Immerse Global Summit here.

Amanda Hetler is a senior editor and writer for WhatIs where she writes technology explainer articles and works with freelancers.

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