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More women in information technology is mission of university prez

Short week? Long weekend? Whether you have something to celebrate or are simply enjoying the extra time off, we invite you to take in this week’s roundup of tech bits from around the Web. This week’s pickings include some sobering news about Macs and about Google’s forthcoming augmented-reality glasses, as well as some good news about a university president making it her mission to get more women into information technology.

  • This is not what we mean when we say we want to see more women in IT. Please stop using tech for evil. Or at least for extreme social media creepiness.
  • This is what we mean when we say we want to see more women in IT.
  • Back in February, we linked you up to rumblings about Google’s augmented-reality glasses. This week, Google gave truth to the rumors, officially unveiling Project Glass. Now, here are some techies ready to tell us why they probably won’t work. Who didn’t see that coming?
  • Sorry to break it to you, kids: There is no Santa Claus, no Easter Bunny and no Tooth Fairy, and Macs can get viruses.
  • Here’s a simplified answer to a question that sounds simple but is actually rather complex: What is an app?
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