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Samsung's Jay-Z mobile app launch a how-not-to reminder for CIOs

Poor Jay-Z already had 99 problems, now an app glitch is one. Actually, the big fail that was the “Magna Carta The Holy Grail” album mobile app launch was more of a problem for business partner Samsung and millions of Mr. Carter’s fans. (Chances are Jay-Z is making it out of this one unscathed.) For CIOs who’ve been down the mobile app road, failures are familiar. The thing about the Samsung story is how inconceivable it seems that a company trying to pull off such a high profile marketing bonanza could let these failures happen. And to top that off with some “oh by the way, you have to consent to data mining” well, that’s just bad business, man.  Also in this week’s Searchlight: fun and games with data privacy, why we all may have a role in powering the “Internet of Things,” scary consequences of sideloading and more.

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