Security woes and a different kind of Net threat

We’re feeling a little vulnerable this week, maybe because our cache of tech bits is a little heavy on security issues. And if that’s not enough, we round out the roundup with the most nefarious threat to IT that we’re sure you haven’t thought of in at least a year.

  • What are you missing when it comes to data loss prevention? Hint: Look to your left. Now look to your right.
  • A look at some of the biggest security issues of the past year, and how they indicate what lies ahead.
  • Who poses the biggest threat on the Net? Maybe you should just click on the link; we don’t know who’s watching.
  • Do you have the “ability to drive action?” Meet the guy who apparently makes this call (and read about an example of a business use for Klout.)
  • Who’s in your mobile wallet? Move over banks, tech companies and startups, big name retailers want in.
  • Of course we couldn’t let the week pass without a mention here about Windows 8. Here, the NYT’s Quentin Hardy opines on how it will transform enterprise computing.
  • It’s coming! It will sap the speed from your networks! It will suck the productivity from your workers! It’s the biggest threat since Cyber Monday it’s — March Madness, the real Net threat.
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