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Siri, find me a good lawyer

Maybe it’s an effect of that “Law and Order” marathon we sat through last weekend, but for some reason we were really drawn to things litigious this week. In this Friday’s roundup of news and opinion bits you may have missed, Yahoo goes after Facebook, a lawyer slowly backs away from her Pinterest boards and someone really sours on Siri.

  • We’re halfway through March, so the New Year prognostications have really dropped off. But don’t despair, lovers of divination: Here’s a look through the crystal ball at IT in 2020.
  • Goldman Sachs isn’t the only place you’ll find a burning bridge leading out this week. A former Google exec dishes on why he left the search giant.
  • Is a new patent lawsuit against Facebook a “pathetic and heartbreaking last stand for Yahoo”?
  • Apparently it wasn’t “ABC 123.” In a heartening tale for the security-concerned, the FBI is forced to call on Google to crack an Android phone’s pattern-screen lock.
  • This is the second story we’ve encountered in the last month or so about potential legal problems tied to Pinterest. Both involve lawyers who are now former users. Just saying.
  • Siri gets sued. Dear Apple, we wouldn’t mind if she gave us bad directions and messed up the weather forecast if she’d finally refuse to help out that annoying kid with the guitar.
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