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Tech tikes: Great mobile experience crucial to win over future users

We probably didn’t need a study to tell us this, but in case there was any doubt, babies are bonkers for mobile devices. Tablets, smartphones, you name it, they want to rub their little mitts on it. Kinda gives a whole new meaning to “sticky user experience.” And that, in a way, is why an item about the Common Sense Media study is this week’s lead Searchlight item.

In 2011, about 10% of kiddies up to age 2 had used a mobile device. That number has jumped to 38% and shows no sign of slowing. This is the real digital generation; for them a great mobile experience will not be appreciated, it will be expected. And lest CIOs think they have plenty of time to work on this, remember: They grow up so fast!

Also this week: the mystery of the Google (?) barges, a cool new concept in data center temperature control, IT-themed Halloween costumes and more.

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